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We are the industry leader in custom, quick-turn CNC machining services for rapid prototyping and production parts. Our online Service department staff will give you a CNC machining quote from 3D files within seconds. Then we make your machined metal or plastic parts and get them to your door as fast as one day. We inspect the parts and guarantee their quality.

Our massive partner network means that we have a shop and a machine that can make it whatever your part. We only choose famous material and surface treatment suppliers. With such a high number of qualified shops and over 40 engineering-grade materials available, Lanli takes the guesswork out of CNC part sourcing. Our quality management system is ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certified. Our partners support the latest CNC machining and turning processes, support a high level of part complexity, and provide exceptional surface finishes. We can also machine and inspect your technical drawing, always ensuring you have the CNC machined parts you need, at-quality, and on time.

We welcome I pcs rapid prototype and bulk production. Whatever your order is small quantities or small quantities with various items, we welcome cooperating with you.

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What Does CNC Stand For?

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control and is a process of parts manufacturing applying in various industries. We control machines such as lathe, mill, and 3D printing with a computer. We can operate a state of the art machines with the help of software that controls these machines. The CNC machining companies can create parts and intricate designs with the CNC machining process, and one of the main advantages of CNC machining is its versatility and high efficiency. It can provide you with exceptional results that can meet your desired needs.

Introduction of China CNC Machining

Mechanical parts have great importance in the production industry; automatic production guarantees you reliable, high-quality components. You can expect the quality of manufacturing parts from small pieces to large size parts. Mechanical parts play an essential role in your business’s progress, and we can boost a small industry to a large enterprise with the production of mechanical parts.

Mechanical Part Processing

In this process, we can change the dimension and functionality of parts. It can perform with the help of particular processing machines. We can further divide it into two processes:

  1. General Mechanical Part Processing

General mechanical parts processing relates to gears, pneumatic components, bearings, fasteners, and seals.

  1. Customized Mechanical Part Processing

Custom mechanical parts processing is an essential part of the processing industry. We use these parts in various industries and fields. Some of the major sectors are:

  1. Economic Power Generation & Engineering
  2. Gas, Oil & Aerospace Industry
  3. Mining Machinery & Transportation

The customized mechanical parts can find in medium and large sizes. Some examples of these generated parts are:

  • Generator Set Fuel Tank Base & Conveying Equipment.
  • Automated Storage & Sorting
  • Large Generator Silent Covers
  • Engineering Machinery Fuel Tank

Current Situation of China CNC Machining

The production capacity of the parts has been reducing. The main reasons for this reduction are high-cost production and lack of industrial labour. It’s happening in developed countries of the world. Their capacity for parts production is continuously decreasing.

China is one of the prominent exporters and manufacturers of the world. China is exporting manufacturing parts all over the world and has much development in this field. The mechanical parts industry in China has been shaping into a whole industry with a complete framework. Their output ratio and yielding of parts have ranked and competed for the topper companies of the world.

Now China is gradually achieving global success for its manufacturing industry. China’s mechanical parts are cheaper than in other countries. One reason for these low-end products is the lack of core technology. We can find a big difference when comparing features with other developed countries. The quality, performance, and variety of parts are up to the standard. We are not yet master in high-end parts production. We have to import these parts.

But nowadays, many Chinese companies have been introducing new techniques. They are making significant changes in their system. Because of this innovation, China’s customized parts manufacturing industry has gained success in the global market. It can compete with the world’s top companies. In the covid-19 coronavirus of 2019, China’s machining industry has played a vital role in the medical devices and other manufacturing industries. Some prominent feature of China manufacturing industry is:

  • It is developing very fast and becoming a leading industry in the world.
  • It provides a complete supply chain, locally and globally.
  • The industry has improved in its skills and expertise fields.
  • The industry is providing its services all over the world. It has gained global competence.

Market Scale

The development of the parts manufacturing industry depends on many factors. It can’t progress individually. The mechanical parts industry’s overall growth severely affects it and can’t separate from the parts manufacturing industry. Both industries should improve and are inevitable for each other’s development. China is passing through a critical phase of expanded demand for its domestic needs, increased infrastructure upgrading, and industrial changes. These requirements are accelerating at high speed. The increase in the production capacity and technologies for the national economy’s important areas is clear and undeniable. Some markets, like petrochemicals and electric power, are facing increasing demands for high-end equipment. They will have to start production to fulfil the requirement of high-end products demands such as:

  • Construction Machinery & Power Generating Equipment
  • Agricultural Production Machinery & Equipment

There are clear indications for the growth and development of these industries in the national industry policy. On the other hand, developed countries have put new concepts forwards for the deindustrialization and low carbon economy. These new concepts can promote the demand for some areas such as for the globally:

  • Petroleum & Petrochemical Equipment
  • Replacement of Clean & dynamic Power Generating Equipment and Machinery
  • Energy-Saving & Eco-Friendly Equipment
  • Mining & Engineering Equipment

In 2013, China’s output value for the parts manufacturing industry crossed the limit of 20 trillion Yuan. It was 2.2 times more than the output ratio of 2008. It was a 17.5% average growth rate for annual and one-third of parts manufacturing industries. In 2015, for the production of high-end products, our country ranked first in the world. We achieved an annual sales output value of more than 6 trillion Yuan. Parts production is the basis of the development of mechanical parts manufacturing. It will start with new technology and innovation. It will progress fastly and rapidly for competing locally and internationally demands the major high-end parts.

  • Industrial Chain Research

The oil and gas industry divides into three streams; upstream, midstream downstream.

The upstream of the parts manufacturing industry are those industries that are providing raw material and equipment. Such as the steel industry, metal casting, forgings, machine tool industry, powder metallurgy products industries. The downstream industries include:

  1. Agricultural & Construction Machinery
  2. Automobiles & Aerospace Equipment
  3. Ships & Defence Equipment and Other Manufacturing Industries

Progress and development of both these sectors can critically affect the development of the parts manufacturing industry. All sector developments need to upgrade all industrial chains that link one industry to another industry. With the following of all steps for achieving the goal of modernization in China, we can also become a market achiever from a low volume of products to high volume products manufacturing.

  • Influence of Upstream Industries

Some main effects of upstream industries on the parts manufacturing industry are:

  1. The price changes in raw materials will affect the procurement cost of the parts manufacturing industry.
  2. The quality of raw material can affect the quality of parts and reliability.
  3. On-time supply of raw material will affect the production and on-time supply of mechanical parts.

In recent years the prices of non-ferrous metal and steel are decreasing. The steel industry’s overcapacity is evident, and China’s steel and iron production capacity is very high. In 2016 China ranked first in the world with 808 million tons of output of crude steel. It is 49.6% as compared to the global output ratio. China is providing cheap and a large amount of raw metal for the manufacturing of mechanical parts. It is also promoting the mechanical parts manufacturing industry.

On the other hand, the non-ferrous metal and steel industries are participating in the industry’s upgrading. They are also increasing the development of this sector. The quality and delivery of non-ferrous metals and steel have been improving continually. It also guarantees stability and on-time delivery for the mechanical parts of China and even promotes this sector. Expect these beneficial advantages; the company relies on its core competitiveness. The company provides customized products and services to its customers; it also maintains an invaluable supply chain position. It can quickly transfer upstream raw material cost to the downstream companies. It can control the production cost and also attracts more downstream customers.

  • The Influence of Downstream Industries on the Industry

The relation of downstream industry and parts manufacturing industry are:

  1. Continuous improvement of the downstream industry’s technical levels can improve the quality and functionality of the parts. The equipment’s technical level will improve with the progress of science and technology, and increasing needs for high quality and performing articles helps promote the technical industry standards.
  2. The diversified needs of consumers will promote the rapid development of the customized market. It is for the promotion of mechanical parts. With diversification, consumer customer need is becoming more critical; the production ratio has increased to some extent. With the increase in products, equipment production and customized machinery have also increased vastly. It will improve the development of the upstream machinery parts customized industry. At the moment, China is in a changing phase and transforming from a big country to a strong manufacturing country.
  3. China has ranked first in the output of automobile, construction, and agricultural machinery industries. Development in the field of the aerospace industry is one of the prominent sectors of China. However, the rate of domestic economic growth has decreased to a small extent in the past two years. The absolute value of the growth rate is comparatively high. Fixed asset investment has maintained growth. The public income level is increasing. Production of passengers car and truck, automobiles, construction, and agriculture machinery has increased. The increase in the output of machinery, technological progress, and aerospace equipment will improve.
  • The growth and demand for particular mechanical parts
  • Upgrading of technical sectors
  • We are producing unique mechanical parts processes for the improvement of performance and product quality.


The overall market scale of china has become large for the mechanical parts processing industry. Now China has broad market demand for online services and product supply for CNC machining. Digital trends have a significant impact on the CNC machining manufacturing industry.

There is a dire need for more improvement in this sector. Some of the trends for China progress in this field are:

  • Industry Concentration Continues To Increase

China’s mechanical parts industry’s significant current situation is that the distribution of enterprises is relatively scattered. The scale of enterprises is generally small and difficult to form economies of scale. The country will give more attention to the development of the industry. Therefore investment in the field of mechanical parts will increase rapidly in the future. The essential advantages of the industry will become more apparent. OEM (original equipment manufacturer) processing will become more and more prominent.

  • Continuous Improvement of Product Quality

With the growing demand and latest technologies, China is becoming a large production country to a robust production country. So upgrading of manufacturing equipment and state of the art machinery usage is essentially vital in these prospects. There are high requirements and specifications we have to put forward for the ultimate progress of CNC machining. This progress can lead to an overall improvement in China. According to international markets and brands, China is also struggling for reliable, super quality, and long service life product manufacturing. With the usage of new technologies and the latest manufacturing methods, we can improve product quality and reliability.

China CNC Industrial Zone

The supplier of China machining industry is providing its services in many areas. Some are:

  1. Zhejiang
  2. Guangdong
  3. Jiangsu
  4. Shandong
  5. Hebei Hunan

In Zhejiang province, Jiaxing and Ningbo account for half of the processing industry.

China CNC Machining Service

1: CNC Turning

It is a precise method for the creation of custom parts with the help of a lathe. Lathe considers one of the oldest CNC machining tools. But now it has become more precise and developed with the use of new technologies. In this method, the material rotates with dual-axes. This process works at high speed and gives a fast turnaround. We control lathe with CNC that refers to computer numerical control. CNC turning performs on the outside and inside the workpiece to manufacture tubular parts to multiple geometries. CNC turning provides the best quality surface finishes, and it requires no post-production process for the improvement of parts quality. In this method, the subtractive manufacturing action performs on a turning centre or a lathe. Turning machines and G-code prepared before the cutting. There are many types of CNC turning. Some are:

  1. Threading & Reaming Turning
  2. Grooving &  Taper Turning
  3. Hard & Facing Turning
  4. Parting & Knurling Turning.
  5. Drilling & Boring Turning

For all these types, we need various tools, time, and cost. We require multiple materials such as wood, plastic, and metals for the CNC turning. For turning wood and metal, different lathes require. Proper maintenance and safety precautions should follow for the appropriate working of lathes. Material uses for the CNC turning process are:

  • Aluminium & Steel
  • Brass & Bronze
  • Copper & Titanium
  • Magnesium & Stainless Steel
  • Nylon & ABS Plastic
  • POM Plastic & Polycarbonate

2,CNC Milling

We can use it for the engraving application due to its multiple axes and precise cutter. These features enable us to perform two types of CNC milling machines.

  1. Vertical machine: Cutting tool of vertical machines move and hold on a vertical axis. It can move drill on that axis from sides, above and front.
  2. Horizontal machine: It performs the same function as vertical milling. The difference is that it has a rotatory table or universal table having multiple contact angles. Its cutting tool moves and holds on a horizontal angle.


Due to multiple axes, it is more expensive than other machines. CNC milling is effective because of its easily moveable cutting tools. We get a precise custom part in one operation. Like other machines, it also can cut hard metals, stone, and wood. It is necessary to make this CNC milling machine with durable and rigid material to cut hard material. Therefore it makes with diamond PCD, steel, carbide, cobalt, and ceramic. Human supervision and designing of computer programming are inevitable for the CNC milling process. The quality can improve, and workload can decrease with the application of CNC milling machines. Finches of CNC milling are:

  • Aluminum Oxide
  • Diamond
  • Aluminum Titanium Nitride

3,CNC Grinding

It is a finishing process applied for improving the surface finishing of parts. It also tights the tolerance of cylindrical, parallel, and flat surfaces by removing some material. In this process, we rub an abrasive material against the parts. It removes the small pieces from the surface of metal parts. The workpiece attaches to the machine table, and it can move in the x, y, and z-axis. It depends on the size of parts how many passes the grinding wheel takes to get the desired dimension. Some of the processes of CNC grinding are:

  • Fine Grinding & Regrinding
  • Precision Regrinding & Precision Form Grinding To Print
  • Precise Flat Grinding To Print

CNC grinding machines can remove the excess material. One reason for grinding is that the part is too hard, and it’s not easy for machining purposes. Die sharpening is the main feature of grinding, and it removes the necessary material from the surface for the creation of a sharp edge. The material of parts and grinding wheel can affect the surface finishes and tolerance. CNC grinding can perform on ferrous metal and non-magnetic. It can also clamp down to manufacture surface finishes. The industries where we use CNC grinding:

  • Mining & Automotive
  • Construction & Aerospace
  • Medical & Power Generating Industry
  • Defence & Printing
  • Industrial & Aerospace

4,CNC Drilling

CNC drilling is an effective and fast method for the manufacturing of parts. In this process, the workpiece does not move and produces the round hole.  We can make accurate threads. This process can use in many industries such as agriculture, food, aerospace, chemical processing, defence, military. CNC drilling is a cost-effective method, and we produce high efficient and precise parts. It is also beneficial for the improvement of productivity. We can perform this drilling separately or with the conjunction of other tooling processes. The processes depend on cell configuration and machine. You need to consider some factor carefully before the onset of operation, such as:

  • The Rate Of Production & Capabilities Of the Material
  • Thread Forming & Availability

Choose a high trained machinist that can operate and develop the design with CAD and CAM software. CNC drilling is an automatic technique, and an expert machinist can provide accurate and long-lasting products. As CNC drilling produces waste material, its containers can use to remove waste material. Proper removal and cleaning are essential for the long service life of CNC drilling machines.

5,EDM (Electric Discharge Machine)

EDM uses for demanding applications and high accuracy products. It mostly uses tooling and moulding for different industries such as gas turbine, aerospace, and aviation industries. EDM has many advantages in the production of high-accuracy products and for its usage in any conductive material. In this process of objects creation, we use thermal energy to remove excess material. Like laser cutting, EDM does not require the use of mechanical power for the removal of debris or waste material. EDM also named as:

  • Spark Eroding & Spark Machining
  • Wire Erosion & Die Sinking

We create our desired shapes with the usage of electric discharging of spark.  We can remove, curved, and shaved material from the workpiece with a repeating charge of current. One of the most critical features of EDM is that it can use for the electrically conductive material. Two types of electrodes are using in the EDM process, such as workpiece electrode and tool electrodes. Some kinds of EDM are:

  1. Plunge EDM
  2. Wire EDM
  3. Fast Hole EDM

EDM offers various advantages of its uses and applications. Some of the benefits of the EDM process are:

  1. It is cheaper and also can reduce the labour cost.
  2. It rarely requires any function to remove friction like burs that must remove for a quality product.
  3. It can handle one major issue of hardness in the manufacturing process.
  4. It is best for the cutting of hard material, and it also provides the desired surface finishing.

6,Wire EDM

Wire EDM mostly applies to applications that require low levels of stress. It can also reduce workpiece damage risk. Wire EDM provides various advantages for the manufacturing procedure; wire EDM can also use for the removal of material. It can perform this function with a small amount of force. It produces a free and accurate part. Manufacturing of high complex shapes is only possible with wire EDM.it also provides flexibility for the designing to the designers. The companies choose wire EDM for the fast turnaround timings and the reduction of unproductive downtime. For the exotic material such as superalloy, stainless steel, and tungsten carbide, Wire EDM can prove more useful for shaping.

  • Typical Applications of Wire EDM Machining
  1. Wire EDM technique uses in the die manufacturing, mould processes to prepare prototypes and manufacturing parts.
  2. Wire EDM is applicable in many industries such as electronics, aerospace, and automobile. Besides these industries, it also uses some specific functions as a tool and metal fabrication, extrusion dies manufacturing and manufacturing blank punches.
  3. Wire EDM recommends for the working of delicate parts due to lacking contacts. It is also proving effective with parts having complex geometric features.
  4. Wire EDM is also proved useful for the creation of intermittent cuts and angles.
  5. It also suggests for the assemblies of multiple components. It provides tapering for the creation of one workplace.

7,Laser cutting

CNC laser cutting works like CNC plasma cutting. The difference is that in this process, laser cuts the metal and wood material. It can also use for the cutting of plastic material. The laser cutting process has become more accessible for working. The laser is a light beam, and it can concentrate energy on a small area. Due to this act, the material starts to burn, melt, and can make a hole. With CNC machines, we can engrave and cut very complex parts of plastic, rubber, metal, and wood. Cutting off all material is not possible with laser cutting. It has some limitations according to various materials.

The requirement of energy for the cutting of various materials will be different. Cutting of paper needs less energy than the cutting of hardened steel. It is most important to consider the energy requirements for the cutting of your material. Laser power should be enough for the cutting of your parts and material. Laser cutting is more expensive than other CNC machining methods. Low power machines are cheap, but they can’t give you quality services. Some various types of laser are:

  • Laser Welding & Laser Drilling
  • Laser Ablation & Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is not an easy task, and only a professional can perform this function. So make sure this fact when choosing a laser cutting company. An untrained laser cutting company can prove damaging for you and your property. So choose the best and trusted company for your project to provide you with high quality and precise parts.

Advantage of Cooperating With China CNC Machining Company

Are you looking for CNC machining services in China? It’s nearly essential to know the advantages and benefits you can get with cooperating China CNC machining company. You must understand why you choose China for your business? Are they providing quality services like other European countries? Can China compete with its competitors in CNC machining? So let’s have a talk about it and discuss the facts why China is the most suitable country for your business.

China is one of the big markets offering a wide array of products at the cheapest rate. So you should know the pros and cons of China CNC machining which you may face while cooperating with China.

As a result of new technologies and modernization, the world has become a global village. China has become one of the toppers in the CNC machining market. With the more than 2 trillion output in the industry. China is leading the world in terms of production output. China CNC machines provide their services locally and globally. You can get everything from a tiny part to large and complex components. There are unlimited CNC companies and shops in China. One of the significant advantages you can get by outsourcing and cooperating with China is getting your product cheaper than other European and Western countries.

Now you may have a question about why China is providing more low-cost products than other countries. So there are some reasons for this low production rate. One reason is the low labour cost and low raw material costs for manufacturing products and parts. The second main reason for the low rate is less profit margin than other countries. So cooperating with China gives you a significant advantage of cost-effective parts and components. The Republic of China has state of the art machinery, the latest technologies, and expert machinists to cooperate with you.

China has gained trust and name for the production of rapid prototypes and parts. The quality and skills of China’s CNC machines have surpassed the whole world. Now we are competing in this industry as well as other manufacturing industries. You can get CNC metal parts, machined aluminium, high accurate design models, full-functioning prototypes and you can get all these products and much more at low cost and fast delivery.  So contact us for the starting of your business and get the unlimited advantages for cooperating with us.

The Disadvantage of Cooperating With China CNC Machining Company

You may have to face some disadvantages when you cooperate with China’s CNC machining. But over time, these disadvantages are becoming less relevant and unimportant. Some of these disadvantages are:

  • Language is one main barrier to cooperating with China. Communication may become problematic during the discussion of your project.
  • In China, there are no laws and controls for outsourcing. It may be happening that your selected company can find an outsourcing company, and no one can stop the company from this act. It can affect the product’s quality and cost.
  • Proper shipping and warehousing are also proving a disadvantage for your business. Suppose you can’t arrange it properly after the production of the part. It may become a reason for the increase in cost.
  • Lack of copyright also affects your business in China. It is essential to consider this factor when you are choosing the CNC machining company in China.
  • It is not an easy and short procedure to start a contract in China. It can take a long time to start a long-term business relationship in China if you are looking for short-term relation projects and don’t have enough time to complete your project. You have to think about this long lead time fact.

Although you may face these problems mentioned above during the outsourcing with China CNC machining company, all these are now decreasing day by day. These problems can solve with proper management and dealing.

Application of CNC Machining

Applications of CNC machining are uncountable, and it uses in various industries. Using CAD and CAM software saves your money and time. CNC machining is using almost in all sectors. But some major industries that use CNC machining are as following:


CNC machining plays a vital role in the manufacturing of products for the transportation industry. You can get fast prototypes with the CNC machine for the transportation sector according to your required specification. Like other aerospace and medical industries, parts of transportation also need high quality and strength. Some features of transportation we can get with CNC machining are:

  • Passengers Rail & Vehicles
  • Shipping Vessels
  • 18 Wheel Truck For Transportation
  • Freight Rail

CNC machining uses a wide range of materials, and due to this reason, we can get all parts from a brake to the engine for the transportation industry. Engineers can apply this manufacturing method for the creation of precise and most efficient components. As this industry has to face high air and pressure speed, you can get products that are compatible with high speed and pressure. It can be possible just because of the CNC machining process.

Military and Defense

Military and defence products also require strict requirements for the product’s quality, tightness, and accuracy. All parts and products require a dire need for attention and inspection. All parts and tools regularly monitor and check for the prevention of any error. We can’t compromise on a little bit of quality when producing the military and defence sectors’ products. Some products that we manufacture with CNC machines are:

  • Fuser Roller & Track Hub
  • Navel Shift & Naval Engine
  • Missile Components & Clamshell
  • Aircraft Seat Frame & Retainer Rings
  • Flanges & Transmission Components


Metalworking is a process of working with metal for the manufacturing of a single part. Wide range of industries and technologies capable of using metalworking for the production of various types of products. These products may be from a small part to large components. Metalworking can divide into further many categories, such as:

1: Forming Metal

It is the process of manufacturing metal without the removal or addition of any metal. This action of deformation performs with mechanical load and heat. Bending and forging is also included in forming metal. Bending can use for ductile material such as sheet metal. We use specialized machine presses for this function. It is a cost-effective method. Metal bending can further divide into three types, such as bottoming, coining, air bending. Forging is the oldest process for the shaping of metal with the help of compressor forces. Forging can produce more substantial parts than other manufacturing methods, such as casting and machining. After the completion of this process, you can get a high-quality finished product.

2: Cutting Metal

In the cutting process, we shape the metals by removing some parts. It can perform by using some tools. Milling, routing, and turning technologies also apply in this process. In machining, we process the raw material with the help of computer-controlled tooling and machines. We can get our desired parts and products. In CNC machining, we use a wide range of materials such as wood, plastic, and composites. Milling, turning, and routing are the three main processes of machining.

3: The Joining Of Metal

In this step, the merging of several parts of metal occurs in the welding process. EBM, DMSL, and 3D printing also consider as the forms of welding. Welding is a fabrication process for the joining of material. We add a filler for the formation of the welded joint. It produces more sturdy and reliable parts than the original material. Welding also proves useful for the filler material to become oxidized. We can categories the welding processes such as:

  • Oxy Welding
  • Electric Welding
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
  • Gas Metal Arc Welding

Oil and Gas

CNC machining uses to manufacture gigantic machines that you can use in refineries and drilling rigs. High precision and quality well-machined parts are essential needs for the petrochemical industry. It only can get with CNC machining if you don’t use perfect products in petrochemical products, you may have to face many problems, such as a valve could create leakage problems, and the cylinder can’t fill. In drilling rigs, you also need high tolerance parts. Drilling rigs perform as a separate area and don’t work correctly or need repairing. Your production may be too late, and you have to face many other issues. CNC machining provides parts to the oil industry according to its specification and requirements. Some parts are:

  • Valves & Rods
  • Pump Liner & Vacuum System
  • Pins & Pistons
  • Spacers & Sealing System
  • Drill bits & parts for pipelines
  • Electric submersible pump & parts for refineries

Aerospace Industry

Safety concerns are critical in the aerospace industry. High tightness and consistency may require for the aerospace industry. CNC machining can provide such strict standard quality products. We can manufacture intricate components and parts that can fulfil the needs of the aerospace industry. Some of the products are

  • Control Panels & Instruction Panel
  • Compressor Cases & Separation Disks
  • Electronic Housing & Airfoils
  • Landing Part Gear & Antenna
  • Electronic Connectors & Instrument Panel

The aerospace industry has to encounter three main issues: high speed, fast air current, and extreme pressure. There is no room for little mistakes in the aerospace industry, and CNC machining provides you with aerospace products with high accuracy and superior quality.

Medicine and Healthcare

CNC machining can provide a high volume and small runs production for the medical and healthcare industry. You can also get reports that you may require for the FDA approval procedure. One of the significant advantages of CNC matching is that we can make a fast prototype with CNC machining. It can make possible manufacturing of new products faster and quicker. Some products that we can produce with CNC machining are:

  • Blood Delivery Housing & Bone Plates
  • Expendable Rib Cage & Vena Cava Clip
  • Surgical Forceps & Spinal Fusion Cage
  • Endovascular Devices & Fixation Devices
  • Dental Scalars & Surgical Equipment

Choosing the Right CNC Machining Company in China

Choosing the right CNC machining company is not an easy step. There are many manufacturing companies in China. It is challenging to choose the right company for your project. Some companies have limited machines and can’t fulfil your needs and requirements. Some companies have all the latest appliances and tooling and can give you all types of services. You can get everything for your project, from small parts to large and significant components. Make sure everything must be clear between you and your supplier. They must know about your project requirements. Some of the suggestion and steps for the selection of the right CNC machine company in China are:

  1. The precision of parts is an essential factor to consider when choosing the right company. The quality and standards of parts and components that the company provides to its customers are critical. So check the quality and precision of parts before selecting the company.
  2. There is not a single method and machine we use for the CNC machining. Their functions and cost of production are different. Many factors may involve in the manufacturing of parts. So it’s important to know what type of method you are choosing to manufacture your parts. Can it be according to your business and material requirements? Do you have a sufficient budget for this particular service? If your answer is positive, then you can go further for the starting of your project.
  3. Fast turnout and delivery are also essential factors. You must know about the company’s delivery timing, and it should be according to your schedule. Small companies don’t have an extensive plan and booking, and it can produce your products in less time. You can choose a small CNC machining company for your business if you need your parts urgently. Big and multinational companies have a lengthy procedure. They have a long list of orders and booking, so it’s useless to work with them for a short time. These companies can delay your products for an extended period. So select a company as per your timing and schedule.
  4. A certified and authentic company can provide you with high quality and standard products. The company must employ an expert machinist as an expert machinist can understand the requirements of all fields. For example, the medical and aerospace industries need more precision and quality than other areas.
  5. Communication is a big issue when you choose a CNC machining company from China. Western companies find it most difficult and challenging for the manufacturing of their prototypes. However, the latest techniques and online purchases make it easier than before to cooperate with Chinese companies. You should make sure that you will get a clear understanding of your project. The selected company should be helpful for the optimization of your parts.
  6. Be sure your selected supplier company has the right hardware and product capabilities for your order’s requirements. The company should have the machines as milling, multi-axis machining, turning and lathe, and a sufficient material metal, plastic, and wood.
  7. Quality control of process and equipment are also important aspects that need your attention. You can check the quality control of the selected company by considering these factors such as:
  • State of The Art Machinery & Inspection of Raw Material
  • Inspection of Finished Parts & Control Workflow
  • In-process Check and Inspection of Quality

These things can make you sure your parts will be up to standards, and you can get the highest standards of products and components.


The CNC machining process has become a fundamental production process, and it can apply in various industries. China CNC machining has sped up the production cycle without any compromise on quality. CNC machining is providing many benefits to its customers at a cheaper rate than other markets. Regardless of size and scope, at least all major industries use CNC machining processes for parts manufacturing. You can get many advantages to cooperating with us. So get a free quote for your business by contacting us.