CNC process analysis-6 points you must know-

When Choose the design about CNC Machining Parts, there is necessary to make a detailed analysis of the parts to be processed.

  • Basic characteristics of CNC machining process
    • Whether programming manually or automatically, before programming, there must be a CNC process analysis of the parts to be machined, drawing up a machining plan, selecting the right tool and determining the amount of cutting. In programming, some process issues (e.g., adjustment of cutter point, machining routes, etc.) also need to be addressed. In a word CNC process analysis in programming is a very important task.
    • When processing parts on an ordinary lathe, a process specification or a process card is used to specify the operating procedures for each process. The operator processes the parts according to the “programs” specified on the process card. When processing parts on a CNC lathe, all the process, process parameters and displacement data to be processed must be compiled into a program and recorded in the form of digital information on the control medium (such as punch tape, magnetic disk, etc.) to control the CNC lathe to machining parts. It can be seen that the machining process of CNC machine lathe is basically the same as the ordinary machine lathe, but the entire process of CNC machining is processed automatically, so it has its own characteristics.
    • 1)The content of the process is complicated. This is because CNC machine lathes are more expensive than ordinary machine lathes. It is not economically advantageous to process for simple processes. Therefore, more complicated procedures are usually arranged on CNC machine lathes, even those processes that are difficult to complete on ordinary machine lathes.
    •  2)The arrangement of process steps is more detailed. This is because the problems that need not be considered in the processing technology of ordinary machine lathes, such as the arrangement of the steps in the process, the setting of cutter point,  Changing Cutters, and the determination of the processing route, but these cannot be ignored when preparing the CNC machine lathe processing technology.
  • The main contents of CNC machining process analysis
    • 1)Select the suitable parts to process on the CNC lathe and determine the process content.
    • 2)Analyze the drawing of the processed parts, clarify the processing content and technical requirements, decide the processing plans of the parts, then formulate the CNC processing technology routes, such as the division of the process, the arrangement of the processing sequence, and the connection with the traditional processing.
    • 3)Design CNC machining process. Such as the division of process steps, the positioning of parts and the selection of fixtures, the choice of the cutter, the decision of cutting amount, etc.
    • 4)Adjust the program of the CNC machining process. Such as the selection of cutter point, cutter point, determination of machining route, and cutter’s compensation.
    • 5)Assign tolerances in CNC machining.
    • 6)Handle some process instructions on CNC machine tools.
    • In a word, there are much more contents about CNC machining process, and some are similar to the ordinary machine tool processing.

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