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Metal bellows deliver all-metal pressure barriers and seals. that bends in one or more directions. Edge welded metal bellows are able to provide you the maximum bounce in the lowest amount of space. of any bellows technology on the market with a 90% stroke length. With various materials and formations, our edge welded bellows can achieve the pressure. it can also achieve temperature, and seepage rate requirements that our customers demand.

Edge Welded Bellows 1

Edge Welded Bellows; Selection Of Design And Materials

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Significant Welded Bellows Design Features

bellow diaphragm

Pressure And Temperature Of Welded Bellows

Welded Bellows Structure And Scope

Reasons To Choose Us ‘the Edge Welded Bellows’

Edge Welded Bellow Specification

Our Unique Offerings And Qualities

edge welded

Explanation Of Edge Welded Bellows

edge welded

Implementation Of Edge Welded Bellows

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Aeri-form High Exactitude Welded Bellows

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Welded Bellows For Pharmacological Tools

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Welded Bellows Used On The Light Source Accelerators

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Welded Bellows For Semiconductor Chip Processing Tools

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Welding Bellows For L.E.D Engineering

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Welded Bellows Structure And Range

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Summary/Final Point

Part 1

Edge Welded Bellows; Selection Of Design And Materials

We offer different ranges of metal bellows. such as titanium, Hastelloy, Inconel, and stainless steel. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified and AS9100 compliant creator. our edge welded bellows provide high accuracy. they also provide repeatable results for arduous industries. such as aerospace, medical, energy, and more.

The process of engineering edge welded metal bellows commences with hydraulic incising strips. Inscribing strips of metal sheets into diaphragms. As soon as stamped, we inspect diaphragms for quality and disembowelment. since we have to ensure that the material is free of any lard or grime. we position the diaphragm back-to-back (male to a female). To twosome the inside diameter holes. They are then fused together through the plasma. They are also bounded through laser, arc, or electron beam welding device. And depending on the manufacturer and material. Vision methods can aid in the accuracy and stability of welds. We brook the entire procedure to make the proper number of convolutions. Once the inside diameter welds are finalized. We equip the convolutions for outside diameter welding. Dependent on the welding equipment, chill rings are introduced. we introduce them between the convolutions. because we want to ensure that the temperature from the welds does not alter. We also want to ensure it does not change material possessions in the adjacent material.

The completed product is a long flexible assemblage. The design of the metal diaphragms gives the bellows’ assembly its vibrant agility. It also provides high – performance physiognomies.
Most customers need end plates or custom flanges to meet an exact need or application. For an assembly finishing, these few end parts can be attached to every side of the bellows

Part 2

Significant Welded Bellows Design Features

To determine the thickness, spring rate, temperature and stroke length can be helpful.

they also help to determine material required to meet the applications’ demands.

Both inside and outer side of diaphragm and ripples’ shape are important.they are crucial to the performance of the bellows assembly. The ripples need consistency.

It is must to look for consistency between high cycle and diaphragms for generating precise spring rates. For edge welded bellows design, weld figure and infiltration are important.

Part 3

Pressure And Temperature Of Welded Bellows

The difference in pressure amongst inner and outer sides of bellows is significant.

 The details about how the bellows are used in the application also help to design it. As well as to ensure proper function and cycle life. Axial and lateral counterbalances can also change the pressure. Also it can change the proficiencies of the bellows assembly.

LANLI engineers and sales support staff understand the dynamic principles. They also know the connections between vacuum and positive pressure movement. They also know inner and outside pressures. And their knowledge of how these variables can change the diameter is exceptional. They are also aware of the length, and stroke parameters.

Temperature is easier to define. Once the ambient and conservation temperatures are understood, the correct material is selected.

Part 4

Reasons To Choose Us ‘the Edge Welded Bellows’

Although most producers follow the basic principles of edge welded bellows manufacturing. But only we understand the unique qualities and exceptional performance characteristics. That go into creating a superior product. thus, we practice a more rigorous manufacturing process to the most exacting standards.

Part 5

Our Unique Offerings And Qualities

  • Over 14 years of interface and manufacturing experience
  • Exclusive engraving, dusting, and welding techniques for excellent strength and reliability
  • examining diaphragms for the highest quality. Because we want to ensure welds are the strongest and leak-tight.
  • Special treatment to protect against contamination of the materials
  • Deep diffusions and consistent weld bead geometry to ensure a leak-tight joint. The joint can withstand high cycle applications
  • Our bellows are made for optimal performance along with an interior vacuum and/or outside pressure
  • Optional heat treating to strengthen the material
  • Helium leak testing to industry standards. (1×10-9 for stainless steel material). to ensure the assemblage is completely sealed.
  • Inferior leak rates are available as required
  • We have more than 90 sizes, both in curved and non-round shapes
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified, AS9100 compliant
  • Quality Assurance Certificate

Part 6

Explanation Of Edge Welded Bellows

Since formation, our factory has industrialized welded bellows for synchrotron radiation. We also developed welded bellows for accelerator and particle accelerator. We also produce welded bellows for semiconductor chip treating equipment. as well as for CVD, PVD, ion implantation, etching machine equipment. In the medicine and food industry, we have produced welded bellows for medical field. And also for food sterilization and vacuum refrigeration, drying equipment. We also produced various types of welded bellows for monocrystalline. As well as for silicon furnace, polycrystalline silicon furnace, PECVD and LPCVD. In the field of solar cell manufacturing equipment. We correspondingly are creating welded bellows for MOCVD in the arena of LED

 For etching machine, and sapphire crystal growth furnace. We also provide welded bellows for vacuum furnaces. Not only for vacuum furnaces but also electric furnaces, and other industrial furnaces. for industrial furnaces application. We’re professional in welded bellows used in the vacuum equipment industry. such as vacuum coating, vacuum cavity, vacuum valve, globe valve. Our welded bellows are also used indifferent fields. For example, in the mechanical seal for the petrochemical industry.

Part 7

Implementation Of Edge Welded Bellows

Semiconductor industry:

We are the unique welded bellows supplier for China’s main Semicon apparatus manufacturer.

Vacuum industry: Vacuum Chamber:

It’s is a crucial key component in semiconductor manufacturing equipment. It is critical in vacuum equipment, medical research, scientific research, and other fields.

Aerospace field:

The aerospace control instrument launches a missile launching cartridge with welded bellows.

Petrochemical Industry:

In the petrochemical trade and other projects, pipeline displacement can be accepted. Like that, vibration and noise reduction can be reduced. Also, and the life of the equipment will be improved.

Military industry:

Welded bellows for light source accelerator can be contrived under various operating environments. The technical specifications of the products reach the level of similar products abroad.

Pharmaceutical industry:

We can produce bellows for various pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers under various environmental conditions.

Photovoltaic industry:

Our welded bellows are used in PECVD, LPCVD, MOCVD, monocrystalline and silicon circuits. They are also used in polycrystalline silicon ingot furnace. in large-scale assembly and production enterprises domestic and abroad.

Part 8

Aeri-form High Exactitude Welded Bellows

As a key component applied in the accelerator industry. it leads to a new future of the application of welded bellows in China. The product between the inner and outer bellows of the inflatable cavity formed the pressure. It also makes the bellows stretch, forcing thin flange end of the outer film and the inner film produced a micro deformation. To achieve and maintain the closing effect, linking amid the sealing devices should be in adjacent interaction. Thus, it is not necessary to add any rubber ring or gasket, also can achieve good sealing effect.

Part 9

Welded Bellows For Pharmacological Tools

well-known domestic manufacturers have recognized us. After the introduction of GMP certification. In the pharmaceutical equipment. Also in the oil cylinder sheath axial seal. As well as in manipulator push and pull Especially in freezing equipment, dry equipment, and three-in-one equipment. We can produce all kinds of welded bellows for pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers.

Part 10

Welded Bellows Used On The Light Source Accelerators

We have developed for 14 years in the welding bellows industry. we have accumulated valuable experience. We can produce welding bellows for light source accelerator under various use environments. Our products are similar, even in better shape and performances compared to foreign products It can replace the imports of the same kind of products.

Part 11

Welded Bellows For Semiconductor Chip Processing Tools

They chose us as the only bellows supplier in China. By major semiconductor equipment manufacturers. our products have been approved. Through continuous optimization of the process. upgrading, and management, and used by Chinese semiconductor manufacturers. These applicable fields comprise CVD, PVD, ion establishment, T.F.L-L.C. D and etching apparatuses

 we have been designated by China Semiconductor Association as an excellent supplier. Because of world’s quality, domestic price, local service, perfect mass production system. Also and professional management standards.

Part 12

Welding bellows for L.E.D engineering

Our bellows are used in PECVD, LPCVD, MOCVD, and monocrystalline silicon furnace. Also polysilicon ingot furnace, sapphire furnace, and so on. Our products are also used in large assembly and production enterprises. They used at home and abroad.

In the course of practical application, there is a question of the too-short life. The question of reciprocal process of matching shaft with bellows. after testing by our self-made simulation life tester. we found the short life defects and cracking problems and then improved on regular basis. At the field of the waveform, selecting better materials, improving welding technology until the products are qualified. We get praised, because we provide customers with verified and qualified products.

Part 13

Welded Bellows Structure And Range

We have been always concerned about the rapid development of the valve industry. The market has acknowledged the application of welded bellows on valve.

 LANLI has always met and improved customer requirements. LANLI can develop a high temperature welded bellows for customers. LANLI also can make high pressure welded bellows for customers. We also are capable of making high strength bellows. The life of bellows will be more than 1 million using life welded bellows for customers.

welded bellows for accelerator and vacuum industry

application area:

  1. Welded bellows for the third generation of illuminant accelerator.
  2. Inflatable type welded bellows used in IHEP for the particle accelerator.

In engineering and physics industry, bellows are used for nuclear pneumatic pumps

Welded bellows are used for launching a guided missile. They are also used for cartridge in the aerospace control instrument industry.


Flange shape as customer’s need. flange periphery preset groove, welded with bellows. (material is better to accord with bellows)


The metal plate is punched into a circle ring. It is also pushed into plate thickness, and sectional drawing as used condition.


Effect pressure resistance, durability, spring rate, etc.

Annule width

Effect flexibility, yielding, pressure resistance, durability, and spring rate, etc.

Methods of Welding:

Electronic beam(EBW) reach up to 150kilovolt;

Gas tungsten=arc GTAW



Orbit gas tungsten-arc

Testing Range:

Life cycle (with pressure and temperature as the indicator)


Mass spectrometer test(MST)

Average effective area

Pressure (rupture, pulse)


Sealing and leak-proof, with a leakage per second of 1*10

Standard cm3 Helium.

The longest product like a cycle (the standard 1000.1000+)

Tolerant of extreme temperature

Low gas relief Corrosion resistance

Design and Manufacture:

(Bellows design procedure)

(Computer-aided design)

(Finite element analysis)

Entity modeling

Extensible 100,1000 and 10000

Grade clean room

Welded Bellows Characteristics


Durability mostly depends on the annule width, displacement, convolutions. Through the use of high strength technology. And also high softness material and special manufacturing technology. we can produce unprecedented long-life bellows. The life of bellows will be more than 1 million to 3 million times.

Pressure resistance

Besides, to increase the slice thickness, pressure resistance can also be improved. we may improve it by a two-tier structure and high strength material.


Due to the setting diameter ratio and the thickness of the wave plate, it makes the spring rate smaller. By designing each wave deflection of bellows in the elastic range, it can make the better linear. It can also make the smaller hysteresis.


Due to the bellows welded by wave plates, so the joint length is short, displacement is very large.


We design to make the distance between inside and outside maximum when buckling, it is much softer than formed bellows.

Heat resistance Corrosion Resistance

We choose suitable material according to the application. It can be used for various temperatures and corrosive environments.

Gas tightness

Welded bellows own higher airtightness. About confirmation of airtightness, it is tested by helium leak detectors. Standard leak rate: under 1*10pa.m/s

Gas evaporability

Through special grinding and washing on the surface, it can produce clean bellows with lower evaporation and higher vacuum.

Part 14

Summary/Final Point

we can say at the end, that we see no rival in the field. A rival that can produce goods like ours. Our customers trust us. We also strive to make amazing materials for them. We also aim to continue our struggle towards achieving high end sustainability. We are one try away from becoming a long-life supplier of yours.