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Here at LANLI, we designed our CNC turning process, including the design of 3D models for accuracy and feasibility prior to machining.

This completed design (from our customer or designed by our engineers and programmers) is exported to a CNC-compatible file format and converted by CAM software that gets converted into a CNC machine program. This dictates the actions of the machine and the movements of the tooling across the workpiece to create the part.

what is cnc turning
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what is cnc turning

What is CNC Turning?

CNC Turning is an intricate and detailed method of creating customized parts and components using a CNC lathe. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) turning is a highly-skilled, Ultra-precision Engineering process. Based on technological machine tools in the world – the lathe – turning in its traditional form can be traced back to 60s

Through modern computer technology and skilled operators, a component can now be created to the minutest details and to the most rigid of designs using a Turning Lathe, with precise tolerances and a vast array of shapes. The turning lathe secures and rotates the stock, or raw material, being machined along a dual-axis of movement at high speeds, while a single-point cutting or boring tool shapes the material, resulting in the desired component being created. The lathe is controlled by computer programs; ensuring meticulously exact components are produced, and can also be reproduced. At LANLI, we pride ourselves on being experts in the latest CNC Turning Technology and Processes, and on our ability to create the components our customers demand swiftly, efficiently and precisely.

About us LANLI Technology Ltd. was established in 2002 and is located in beautiful city, Hangzhou. We’re mainly engaged in research and design, manufacturing and assembly of MACHINING SERVICES,such as cnc milling, turning machining5 axis machiningmicro hole drillingCNC prototypescustome metal stamping, and Customized metal bellows.

Our Industries are from Machining, Automation, Medical Equipment, Electronics, Automobiles, Environmental Protection Equipment…….

Technology Support:

We have more than 20 MAIN Machine, such as:FANUC Vertical machining center、LGMaZak、Okuma 、HAAS、CAMPRO、BM400 CUTTING、DRILLING and high speed STAMPING Machines.

Our measurement equipments: Hexagon CMM, Edward CMM, Mitutoyo inspection, and other measuring instruments, etc.

You can get professional technology and solutions from us. Contact us, if you’re required.

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We are a professional company with precision mechanical and intelligent equipment. We provides customized R&D designing, testing, drafting, precision machining and assembly. Contact us if there is any problem.

OUR Services: CNC milling,turning machining, 5 Axis Impeller, Micro Hole DrillingCNC Prototypes, Custome Metal Stamping, Metal Bellows.


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