Mask Machines Parts

China is been called the factory of the world, she play an important role in the worldwide suppliment. The novel coronavirus outbreak dealt a great blow to all the industry. Especially the Mecical Industries, for  example mask accessories, mask machines parts.

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Now work resumption is taking place across China except for Hubei province, the hardest-hit region. About 94.6 percent of the country’s major grain production and processing firms have resumed production.

Since 20th, Feb, China is working hard to boost the production of masks, and the output has been growing rapidly. China’s daily production capability of masks was well over 110 million units as of Saturday, effectively closing the gap between supply and demand amid the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak,according to the country’s top economic regulator.

In fact, the nove coronavirus are in control, because of the goverment’s powerful measurements. The situiation are stable after an initial 2.3 percent recorded at the beginning of the outbreak。

mask machines accessories

We believe the market will see a strong rebound after the country brings the epidemic under control. The supplyment of mask will recover soon, expecially many domestic Chinese factory are transferd their production plan to manufacture mask or mask machining.

We Lanli Technology Ltd, has worked since the end of Feb. We supply the design support, manufacturing of mask machines parts.

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